What does SkyCity (third party) exclusion mean? What is the procedure?

A senior SkyCity staff member will invite you to a brief meeting when you will be given the option to "self-exclude" one more time. If you say no to this option, you will be advised that SkyCity has decided to exclude you for two years. Your details will then be recorded and your photograph taken.

You will also be told about the re-entry conditions you have to meet when the two years have passed, before you can come back to SkyCity.

You will be issued with an exclusion order, which will prohibit you from the gaming areas of all SkyCity operated premises in New Zealand. This means you will be excluded from the gaming areas of SkyCity Auckland, SkyCity Queenstown Casino and SkyCity Hamilton for two years and until you meet the re-entry conditions.

Why are there re-entry conditions and what are they?

SkyCity wants to be sure that you have controlled your gambling before you come back as our customer.

The re-entry conditions are:

  • No Requirement to Leave Premises (RTLP) and/or trespass notice(s) being in force that have been issued to you by a SkyCity venue in New Zealand.
  • No application to re-enter will be considered unless at least 6 counselling sessions are confirmed in writing to have been attended by you by an accredited treatment provider.

Please note re-entry is not guaranteed

What if I change my mind?

Once the exclusion order is issued it cannot be cancelled nor changed into a self-exclusion. It will remain in force for the two-year period and until you have met the re-entry conditions.

Should you enter any SkyCity-operated gaming areas during this period you may face a fine from the Department of Internal Affairs. If you continue to try to come into these areas you may also face a Police charge of trespass.

What if I don't meet the re-entry conditions? If you don’t meet the re-entry conditions you will not be able to apply to enter the SkyCity gaming areas, even if your exclusion period is ended.

Is it discreet?

The exclusion process is a confidential service that involves you coming to the security office 'back of house'. Information obtained is confidential and used only to assist us in preventing you from returning to the gaming areas.

Can I still come to the restaurants?

Self Exclusion prohibits you from entering SkyCity Auckland’s and SkyCity Hamilton’s gaming areas and any bars and restaurants within those areas.  You can still visit the bars, restaurants, hotels and convention centres located outside the gaming areas at SkyCity Auckland and SkyCity Hamilton.

However, at SkyCity Queenstown Casinos, you will be prohibited from entering the whole facility.  Contact us if you are unsure.

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You are not alone

There are many community-based counselling services to guide and assist you. They are free and confidential and available 24-hours a day.