At SkyCity there are two ways to control your gambling: Self-identified exclusion and SkyCity Exclusion. This section explains these two options and the differences between them.

Self-Identified Exclusion

Self-identified exclusion (self-exclusion) is a voluntary action you can take if you feel you want to control your gambling by excluding yourself from the casino ("self-exclude").

Self exclusion is available for 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 months and has conditions you must meet to gain re-entry.

SkyCity Exclusion

SkyCity exclusion is an action SkyCity can take if someone who cares about you (a third party) is worried because your gambling seems out of control and is causing harm, but you have said no to self-identified exclusion.

The third party might be a family/whanau member, a friend, an employer or even a SkyCity staff member.
If SkyCity is convinced that the third party’s concern is genuine and justified then it will take the step to exclude you for two years to help you control your gambling.

The exclusion has conditions you must meet to gain re-entry. This is a very serious step for SkyCity to take, so it will not be taken lightly.