The Grill serves exceptional New Zealand steak and seafood with a classic, modern approach.

By supporting sustainable practices from our land and sea, we play our part in preserving the beauty and resources of our country for generations to come.

The Grill, proudly serving New Zealand.


Led by Executive Chef Touvai Poloniati, The Grill is returning to the SkyCity Precinct, with a new home in the Horizon by SkyCity, Auckland’s newest 5-star hotel.

The brand-new location, with spacious outdoor courtyard will be the must-visit destination for those looking to indulge in the best of New Zealand beef, lamb and seafood, cooked over our Montague grill to perfection.

The Grill celebrates Aotearoa's culinary treasures, sourcing locally from artisans, fishermen, and farming families dedicated to quality. Expect the finest quality grassfed steaks, from 100% New Zealand owned and operated suppliers, and sustainable line-caught fish.

Beloved classics such as the beef Wellington, mac ‘n’ cheese and miso hollandaise will make a reappearance, along with new delights to tantalise the senses.

For those looking to impress, opt for our table-side service and have dishes such as the Wapiti Venison Tartare and classic Caesar Salad prepared and served at your table by one of our talented team.

Looking for that VIP experience? Consider booking our private dining room for up to 12 guests and will showcase a bespoke menu.

It’s not only the food that will showcase the best of New Zealand. Beverages have been handpicked from the best vineyards to complement dishes and complete the full dining experience. Of course, International classics will be available, on request.

It's not just about food; it's an immersion into the heart and soul of New Zealand – a story of excellence, passion, and showcasing the best. Join us on this culinary journey.

The Grill

At Horizon by SkyCity
85 Hobson Street, Auckland

Call +64 9 971 5802 or book online

Opening soon

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SkyCity is a Toitū carbonreduce certified organisation in line with ISO 14064-1.