SkyCity Auckland Community Trust is a valued part of the commitment SkyCity Auckland has made to the local community since its inception in 1996.

Established in accordance with SkyCity Auckland's casino venue license, the Trust has distributed a total of over $53.54 million to over 2,585 charitable organisations, both large and small, that have undertaken community assistance and development work in the area from the Far North through to the Bombay Hills. The Trust has a Board of Trustees who make decisions on grant allocations and set strategic priorities for the Trust.

A copy of the Trust Deed can be found here.

What's new? 


The SkyCity Auckland Trust’s vision is "Communities engaged and connected, equals thriving communities".

Organisations that support rangatahi are encouraged to apply. The focus of grants continues to be funding the outcomes of:

  • The development and wellbeing of rangatahi
  • Solutions and decisions to support the welling and development of rangatahi

For more information about the Trust priorities and how it funds, have a look at our Funding Policy.

SkyCity Auckland Community Trust Funding Policy