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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all grants approved and/or provided by the SkyCity Auckland Community Trust (Trust) to successful applicants.

Terms Applicable to Trust Grants:

  1. A successful application does not set a precedent for any future funding assistance from the SkyCity Auckland Community Trust (Trust).
  2. All applicants for grants from the Trust must be organisations that operate in line with charitable purposes (as defined by the Trusts Act 2019).
  3. Reapplying to the Trust
  • Previous recipients of grants may reapply for consecutive grant rounds.
  1. GST
  • The Trust’s grants (donations) are considered unconditional gifts and therefore no GST is payable on any grant received. If an applicant is GST registered, the grant will not cover the GST component and will be awarded on a GST exclusive basis. If an applicant is not GST registered, the grant will be paid on a GST inclusive basis.
  1. Use of Funds
  • Grants made by the Trust are for specific purposes and are outlined clearly in the notification to a successful applicant.
  • The funds granted may not be applied to any other purpose other than that specified unless the express written consent of the Trust is first obtained.
  1. Publication and Publicity
  • The Trust is required to disclose and publish the details of all grants made and all unsuccessful applicants on an annual basis and each applicant acknowledges and agrees to such disclosure and publication.
  • The Trust encourages and consents to applicants publicly acknowledging grants made to them by the Trust. From time to time the Trust may request the participation of an applicant in its publicity activities and, while not compulsory, appreciates all engagement by applicants.
  • Official Trust logos and signage are available for use by applicants when requested.
  1. Reporting
  • As a condition of grants made, applicants are required to demonstrate that the funds have been applied to the nominated use as detailed in the application through reporting on insights and evidence on the form provided through the Trust grant portal – SmartyGrants.
  • Reporting milestones are negotiated with the Trust.
  1. Application Form
  • Applicants must provide all relevant information requested within the application form and must nominate two suitable contact people.
  • All questions must be completed, even if supporting information is provided.
  • For He Tupu, requests must be received using the online application form in Smarty Grants.
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.
  • Where appropriate, financial accounts must meet Charities Services requirements for reporting and auditing and have been signed by two Office Holders no later than five months after an applicant’s balance date.
  • Applicants must inform the Trust of any information relevant to their application and/or any eventual grant and be prepared to assist any enquiries made by the respective Trust’s duly authorised officers or agents.
  1. Conduct
  • Applicants agree not to knowingly take any action or do anything to injure the reputation of any applicant or the Trust or bring any applicant or the Trust into disrepute.