Imagine a place where glass blends into the sky, where technology knows what you need before you need it, where staff welcome returning friends. A place where business and pleasure walk hand in hand, where one switch turns everything off, where tried and true meets novel and new. A comfortable place where you can be with friends for a night out... or just simply be.

Looking out, you’ll get lost in views of the world’s most liveable city, where cityscapes turn to landscapes in seconds. While inside, hints of Aotearoa can be found in every corner of your spacious room, from locally crafted furnishings, through to fresh New Zealand milk in the fridge.

Whether you’re taking care of business or taking care of you, you’ll find convenience, connection and comfort are all high on the menu.

We’ve left no stone unturned, so you have no questions unanswered. Because we understand that sometimes the small things are the big things. And we’ve taken care of them all.

Our Story

We all share one horizon. More than a line on a landscape, the sum of a sunset, a promise of potential.

The horizon is a place. A connection point between north and south, earth and sky, today and tomorrow.

A world where business and leisure, tradition and technology, your story, and ours, come together.

Horizon by SkyCity

85 Hobson Street, Auckland, 1010

Phone: (09) 363 6000

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