Ngā hua

Our Outcomes

The vision for the SkyCity Auckland Community Trust is:

"Communities engaged and connected, equals thriving communities"

We want our funding to support services and programmes that focus on "Te piko o te māhuri, tērā te tupu o te rākau - The way in which the young sapling is nurtured, determines how the tree will grow".

Funding will be approved for projects that demonstrate the delivery of the following outcomes:

  • The development and wellbeing of rangatahi

  • Solutions and decisions to support the wellbeing and development of rangatahi

Organisations who support rangatahi in either or both outcomes are encouraged to apply. The focus remains on enabling community wellbeing and innovation and we encourage collaboration and partnerships for broader impact. We encourage funding requests for projects that are strengths-based in nature.

Ngā whakaarotau pūtea

Our funding priorities

We will consider applications that support rangatahi in the following ways:

  • Rangatahi led initiatives which benefit them directly, their wider whānau and/or community;

  • Rangatahi wellbeing including mental wellbeing;

  • Rangatahi leading their own solutions and influenced decision making;

  • Supporting rangatahi while strengthening cultural diversity, social connection, a greater sense of belonging and inclusion;

  • Initiatives that provide and/or support pastoral care for rangatahi to thrive;

  • Initiatives that support whānau, cultural and community connections with rangatahi at the centre; and

  • Initiatives that build knowledge, skills and behaviours that strengthen whānau wellbeing.

Ngā kete pūtea

Our funding streams

Ngā kete pūtea has three funding streams: He Kākano, He Tupu and He Puāwai. Each funding stream will support projects that innovate, deliver, collaborate and expand services or projects in the Trust’s catchment area. We are looking to support projects that can demonstrate that they are culturally responsive in the way they engage with the community, the development of their programmes and in their systems and management.

Our funding streams are seamless, an application in one year may plant the seed for funding from another funding stream in a subsequent year.

Mā wai tēnei?

Who can apply?

The SkyCity Auckland Community Trust Deed approves the activities of the Trust.The Trust Deed allows the Trust to accept applications from charitable organisations providing benefit to those operating from the Far North through to the Bombay Hills.

In cases where projects are delivered nationally, the Trust may consider partial funding requests for aspects of the project benefiting those residing within the Trust area. You will be asked to demonstrate the programme of work being delivered in our area.