Nic Watt's food philosophy is simple - a passion for flavour and dedication to detail. To Nic it's all about enhancing the natural ingredients and letting the food and the presentation speak for themselves while at the same time making the dish taste sensational.

A big fan of the sharing concept, Nic ensures each dish he creates stands alone of its own accord while being entirely complementary to the other dishes presented on the menu. He also creates an atmosphere that is fun yet intimate with sleek and efficient service that is unobtrusive.

With a background stemming from the highly acclaimed restaurant groups Zuma and Roka, Nic Watt returned to New Zealand to open MASU - a contemporary Japanese Robata restaurant and bar.

Outside of MASU, Nic loves to spend time with his family on the coast, foraging for delicious local ingredients they can take home and cook up together.