Our very own sake

We recently partnered with Queenstown-based, international award-winning boutique sake producers, Zenkuro Sake to produce a style of sake that will be completely new for the New Zealand Sake world and exclusive to MASU.

Check out the behind the scenes brewing action below and see you at MASU for a taste!

It’s a huge coup for the humble Queenstown brewer, which scored its second top medal on the world stage last year at the London Sake Challenge, hot on the heels of winning gold and silver at the last event, held in 2016.

From Zenkuro brewer David Joll – “Together, we will produce a style of sake that will be completely new for the New Zealand Sake world. For us it’s a huge breakthrough to be recognised and acknowledged by Nic and Fumi, as they’re leaders and experts in Japanese food and sake in New Zealand.

Fumi is also New Zealand’s only certified sake educator, who has a passion for sharing his knowledge and growing New Zealand’s sake culture. It’s a true privilege for us to be collaborating on this special project with them.”

At MASU, we pride ourselves on using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, aiming to educate our diners and bring them on a journey of discovery. To be able to partner with a local sake supplier that is world class and can help us tell a whole new and unique story is a natural and exciting fit “ – Nic Watt.

This type of sake will pair perfectly with our fresh selection of Japanese cuisine, like sashimi, robata grill items and other signature dishes.

R18 for the service of alcohol. Drink Responsibly.

More about Zenkuro

Zenkuro Sake – multiple medal winners at the 2016 and 2018 London Sake Challenge! In 2018, awarded the Silver for their drip-pressed ginjo Shizuku Shibori. This is a high accolade in the Ginjo grade and adds to other medals in the 2016 competition. Go Zenkuro!

New Zealand’s first and only sake brewery, Zenkuro Sake is based in Queenstown. They produce a ginjo and junmai style of sake using only the finest polished sake rice and water sourced from the Southern Alps. The purity of their ingredients creates a fine sake, best enjoyed chilled as a healthy accompaniment to any meal. You can get your Zenkuro fix in New Zealand, London and now in Japan.

Our brand name is Zenkuro. While the character 全 (zen) means ‘entirely’ or ‘completely’, 黒 (kuro) means ‘black’ – a mix that brings an image of power and strength that is uniquely Kiwi. Go Zenkuro!

Head brewer David Joll is a certified ‘Advanced Sake Professional’, producing a quality sake, of which Zenkuro is immensely proud.

The Zenkuro team have spent most of their lives with some connection to the land where sake comes from: Japan. They have a passion to share their appreciation of not only Japan, but also the place that they call home, Queenstown, New Zealand. Our sake is an expression of the surroundings and the water sourced from the pristine mountains and lakes around our home.

Find out more at www.zenkuro.co.nz