Planning a school trip or learning experience outside the classroom? Give your class the ultimate learning experience 220 metres up in the Sky Tower - the highest classroom in New Zealand.

Scotty Sky Tower is proud to present a new integrated educational program; Volcanic Auckland. The program is fully NZ Curriculum aligned. Created by NZ teachers, based on solid Pedagogy. Nothing to prepare! Just book and follow the plan. All resources and even prizes are supplied for a great day out with your school.

A class visit up the Sky Tower is an amazing cost effective and educational experience loved by students and teachers alike!

Please find answers to the following below:

Costs, Educator’s Guide & Student’s Workbook, Getting There and Booking your Visit


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Lesson plans & workbooks

The program is Year 4+ adaptable up to and including Year 6. Possible Curriculum Areas: Social Studies, Science, Drama, English


This Unit is a series of 5 activities that can be adapted and scaffolded to meet the needs of children from year 4.

The activities use co-operative learning strategies to engage and teach students. These activities call on; whole class model; small group; and combining the whole class. These plans can be used as an introduction to a unit, as a visit to continue interest part way through a unit or to round a unit off.

This unit is designed to be delivered with the Student’s Workbook to enhance the Sky Tower experience. The lessons are set out so that each warm up activity leads into the main activity in a fun and inclusive way.

The Educator’s Guidebook has lesson plans that you can follow or use to supplement the unit you have. There is a formative and summative assessment to gauge student progress.

At the end of your visit every student should feel a sense of achievement and reward, being empowered with the knowledge they have gained from the activities and experiences of your visit to Sky Tower.

Getting there

The easiest way to visit the Sky Tower with your class is to book a bus and get dropped off on the Victoria Street West forecourt.

When you arrive, please follow the signs to the Sky Tower ticketing desk to check-in. Here you will be greeted by a member of our team who will sign in your class.


The visit will take around 1.5 hours, this includes a 15 minute introduction then riding up the Sky Tower. It will then take approximately 20 minutes to get back down to the bus stop.

The rest of the time will be spent up the Sky Tower working through the Student’s Workbook

A Successful Visit


Sky Tower recommends a supervision ratio of one adult to every six to eight children aged up to 14 years. For the most effective class size, we recommend groups comprise 60 people or less.


Students will be required to carry any belongings they bring with them at all times. We suggest that schoolbags are left at school/on the bus, or shared between students.


Upon arrival, please proceed to the ticket desk in the Sky Tower entry gallery.


Payment is required on arrival and can be made by cash or credit card. 

Education guides

No guide will be provided unless arranged prior. Contact the Sky Tower educator to request a guide.


Please ensure your students have appropriate activities and resources to complete during their visit; in the event of bad weather we can provide additional worksheets.


  • How do we get to Sky Tower?

    Sky Tower is located at the intersection of Federal and Victoria Streets in Auckland City. Instruct your driver to approach Sky Tower from Wellesley Street and then turn into Federal Street (a one way street). The main entrance to SkyCity is just before the Victoria Street intersection. Please ask your driver to stop and drop off your class on the porte-cochère, and to collect them from there at the end of your visit.

  • Where do we park our bus?

    Most bus drivers tend to depart Sky Tower and return only to collect the group at the end of your visit. However, should the bus driver wish to join you during your Sky Tower visit, there are bus parks on Wellesley and Federal Streets, on the SkyCity block.

  • Are there toilets available?

    There are toilets available both at the base of Sky Tower and on the Main Observation level. Take a look at our map of the Sky Tower to see all amenities.

  • Can people in wheelchairs come to Sky Tower?

    Sky Tower is fully wheelchair accessible. However, if you are bringing a group of students in wheelchairs, please contact us to discuss arrangements for your group.

  • When is Sky Tower open?

    Sky Tower is open every day from 10am. Educational tours are offered from 9.30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday during school terms. Discounted education programme admission rates can be used at any time during school terms (subject to availability).

  • Is it still safe to visit during bad weather?

    While the view may be impaired, it is safe to visit Sky Tower in any type of weather conditions. Sky Tower is fully earthed to prevent any danger from lightning, and is built to withstand winds of up to 200km. Sky Tower is built to sway in the wind and does move slightly during high winds (similar to a boat rocking).

Booking your visit

To reserve your visit to the Sky Tower, please use the booking form below or:

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