"The Qyster is totally unique for a bunch of reasons, however it is the taste and texture of these extraordinary molluscs that makes them next level. We’re stoked that Depot will be able to share them with you." - The man himself Al Brown
After 10,000 years we have finally perfected the Oyster.
Grown in the pristine waters of New Zealand, Qysters are a premium oyster for people who demand only the finest seafood. Grown in floating pods enabling the growth of the perfect oyster. Available exclusively at Depot.
To achieve the quality and unique shape, Qysters are nurtured in pods which protect the oyster from predators and provide the perfect environment to grow quickly. As the oyster grows, it naturally forms into the shape of the pod, until it becomes a Qyster – look for the Q quality mark growing into the shell.
Unlike ordinary oysters, there are no razor sharp edges, just a beautifully smooth shell, so they are safer to handle. Each and every Qyster is perfect, the size and quality of the oyster is consistent, while the deep shell helps produce the plumpest, most delicious oyster you will experience.