Activate QUICK Pay on your Premier Rewards card today to enjoy the benefits.

QUICK Pay is the easy, quick and convenient way to move between Gaming Machines at SkyCity Auckland.

Activating QUICK Pay is quick and easy - and it's FREE!  To activate QUICK Pay on your Premier Rewards card, simply bring in an official document confirming your current residential address (such as a telephone bill, bank statement or rates bill) to the Premier Rewards Station on-site or your VIP Host at SkyCity Auckland.

Once activated, you can use QUICK Pay to:

  • credit funds and Gaming Machine winnings directly to your Premier Rewards card
  • debit Gaming Machine wagers directly from your Premier Rewards card
  • at the end of your play, withdraw funds directly from your Premier Rewards card

You can credit or withdraw your funds at any QUICK Exchange machine or Cashier at SkyCity Auckland.  There will, however, be some restrictions on the amount you can credit to your Premier Rewards card in certain areas on the casino floor.

Please note that any funds not debited or withdrawn within 12 month of the date of last activity using your Premier Rewards card will be forfeited. All funds credited will be debited or withdrawn on a "first-in-first-out" basis.

Remember - when you play with your Premier Rewards card you are also earning Premier Points, which you can redeem for a range of rewards at SkyCity Auckland.  For more information about Premier Rewards click here.

Remember to keep your Premier Rewards Account PIN secure and confidential at all times. 

Quick Pay

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