Moana Park Lost Vineyard at Flare

Until the end of June

Step into the hidden world of The Lost Vineyard, an indoor oasis where you will be surrounded by vines and greenery, to discover the secrets and origins of Moana Park Estate. The Lost Vineyard is a place of escape in a sea of noise and colour, where we invite you to be immersed in its charm and mystery, and celebrate unique and distinct wines.

Moana Park Estate are about taking the wine-making process back to basics - a hands-off method that requires no additives nor preservatives being added.

It means growing wine with honesty. It’s a comprehensive method of growing, producing, and selling wine.

The end product is a wine that is 100% plant-based, low in preservatives, and sugar. Creating a wine that can be shared on any table, regardless of religion or dietary restrictions.

The less human interference in the winemaking process, the better. Lo-Fi wine... changing the conversation... naturally.

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