MASU Sake Club

Here at MASU we celebrate all aspects of Japanese dining. We offer a wide range of traditional Sake that elevates your dining experience. Pure ingredients and balanced flavours, work together to bring out the very best in our food menu. Discover the world of Sake through our talented and certified team and join the MASU Sake Club to stay up to date with all things Sake.
Meet Mari.
Mari grew up in Niigata-prefecture, Japan, famous for heavy snow, rice and sake. The number of the sake breweries Mari's home town has the most in the world (89).
Mari has worked at several Japanese restaurants in Auckland since 2014 and was educated in the art of sake from one of the few sake masters in New Zealand - former MASU Restaurant Manager Fumi Nakatani.
"I am excited to share my passion and teachings of Sake to those wishing to learn more about this beautiful and fascinating beverage."
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