Iconic Eats

We are proud that four of our restaurants have had dishes selected to Auckland's Iconic Eats list. All four dishes are loved by many and staples on our hero menus.

If you've missed them, come try them again and if you haven't had the pleasure yet, come on down! A must-try for anyone who loves food.

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Depot's Sliders

Depot's Fish Sliders - with pickled lemon mayo & rocket

Gusto's Orgy of Mushrooms

Gusto's "Orgy of Mushrooms" - Clevedon buffalo ricotta gnocchi, with a selection of mushrooms

Huami's Peking Duck

Huami's Peking Duck - Fruit wood-roasted Peking Duck including crispy duck skin roll, pancake and condiments

Fed Deli's Chicken Sandwich

Fed Deli's Chicken Sandwich - with chicken skin cracklin', berg & dipping gravy. Fresh or toasted