Flip n Fly Circus School presents Elemental 2024

Today - Saturday, 22 June 2024

Step right up and feast one’s eye on the breath taking, inspiring and one of a kind circus show Elemental, presented to you by the talented artists from Flip n Fly Circus School. Our captivating performers will take the stage on Saturday the 22nd of June. In this enchanting performance, each act is a homage to the four elements that shape our world: earth, fire, air, and water.

From the ground-shaking strength of the earth to the ethereal beauty of air, from the fiery passion of fire to the fluid grace of water, Elemental promises an unforgettable journey through the elements with acts such as the aerial lyra, silks, rope, hand balancing, contortion and so much more. Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary fusion of artistry and athleticism.

Grab you tickets now for a night of wonder at Elemental, only at SkyCity Theatre on the June 22nd!