Max Fosh Loophole World Tour

Sunday, 23 March 2025

Max Fosh brings his new show stand-up show Loophole to New Zealand in March 2025! Max Fosh is a YouTuber and comedian with over 4 million followers across social media. His videos are all about finding life’s loopholes and exploiting them. I mean, how else did he become:
  • The Richest Man In the World For 7 Minutes
  • ⁠⁠Legally Become His Parent's Favourite Child
  • ⁠Technically Won an Oscar.
His videos have generated over 1 billion views across YouTube alone, and he has also completed a national stand-up tour with a show that culminated at a sold-out London Palladium. Join Max for 80 minutes of loophole hunting and exploiting in this brand-new show that his Mum is calling “the greatest piece of art since his Macaroni paintings".