The Great Comedy Heist

Daily, 19 June 2021 until 20 June 2021

SkyCity Theatre presents
Paul Ego
Ben Hurley
Justine Smith
and Brendhan Lovegrove
The Great Comedy Heist.

Paul Ego, Team captain from 7 Days, Justine smith from 7 Days and The Project, Ben Hurley of 7 Days and Brendhan Lovegrove - 10 times NZ male comic of the year, join forces to bring what promises to be the comedy highlight of 2021.

Four of the very best comedians in NZ performing in a power-packed show - live for two nights only at SkyCity Theatre.

All are household names with backgrounds in TV, and years of live comedy experience and are all headline acts in their own right both here and overseas.

See them together in The Great Comedy Heist.