We prefer to use reusable cutlery and crockery where possible - but understand this isn’t always possible!

So, when it's not, we are working with New Zealand packaging company Ecoware. But why do we partner with them?

  1. Made from plants, not oil - The majority of Ecoware products are made entirely from plant material.
  2. Paper from managed plantations - they prefer to use paper from responsibly managed plantations.
  3. Non-toxic inks - the inks are either soy or water-based and are non-toxic.
  4. Made from renewable resources.
  5. Most of their raw materials are produced by nature - we prioritise renewable resources.
  6. Commercially compostable - Ecoware products have been certified or trialled for commercial and/or home composting.
  7. Sustainable - Their products provide a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic food packaging.
  8. Certified CarboNZero – Their company's emissions are measured and offset annually - certified carbon zero.