We are passionate about helping our clients create more sustainable events.

With a strong focus on providing sustainable options, The Kitchen produce a Carbon Zero food and beverage solution for your event. In addition to this we are actively working to continually improve our practices and those of our suppliers. This allows us to easily bring clients on our sustainability journey of creating events that make an impact not only to your delegates, but also to our environment.

We know that creating a sustainable event can be daunting for clients, however it’s easier than you think to support your event being as sustainable as possible. Below are some simple decisions you can make that will make a big impact to your event and the environment.

✅ Make a conscious selection of your menu type. Did you know:
• A buffet dinner produces approximately 30% food waste
• A plated choice menu creates approximately 20% food waste
• An alternate (50/50) drop or set menu creates 0% waste
✅ Provide accurate numbers as soon as possible for catering to reduce over production of food.
✅ Choose menu items and beverages that utilise North Island producers.
✅ Promote regional suppliers through signage and messaging across the event, raising awareness among guests of supporting local. The Kitchen c/o SkyCity can provide you with this information.
✅ Collaborate with The Kitchen c/o SkyCity to repurpose or donate excess food where applicable.