What will be assessing you on?

We will be looking for organisations who:

  • are applying for aspects of their work that align with our priorities and can be evidenced appropriately;
  • are requesting funding for aspects of their work that contributes to the outcomes we want to impact and that these positive changes last beyond the scope of the funded project/initiative;
  • are able to evidence the need for the initiative, the impact they are making and have a clear mandate from the community;
  • have a strong track record of engaging in learning and evaluation with a well-developed evaluative approach to ensure continuous improvement and effectiveness;
  • have a clear and demonstrable commitment to ongoing development and this funding would enable them to achieve better impact and/or be more sustainable as an organisation; and,
  • can demonstrate that they are culturally responsive in the way they engage with their beneficiaries, the development of their programmes and in their governance structure.

We will also be looking for organisations that are financially stable and who are delivering significant community benefit.  To gauge this we will be looking closely at:

  • your statement of service performance, now required by the Charities Commission and
  • your financial statements